The banking industry is evolving rapidly with changes in customer behavior and a wide range of new regulations. ATMA Banking Software support helps you keep up with these changes by making sure you get the agility and stability you expect from your software investments.
A wide range of benefits for your business :

  1. Support from the top ATMA Banking Software experts. A close working relationship between our R&D and support teams delivers highly skilled experts to resolve your problem.
  2. Rapid, personalized response. Our services provide round-the clock, personalized support from a dedicated account manager who will follow all relevant incident indicators.
  3. Maximum use of your investment. ATMA Banking Software Support services guarantee that you maximize the value from our products. You get the help you need, for incidents of any size, to help your solutions produce the results you expect.
  4. Simple and efficient contact. If an incident occurs, you simply contact the ATMA Banking Software helpdesk and give our team the details we need to evaluate the severity of your problem. We will then work with you to prioritize the incident and find the most appropriate person to resolve the issue.
  5. Single centralised admin system – A single database accessible from multiple locations enables the storage of client data, facilities, securities, valuations, introducers, notes and documents, with all you need to process an application with multiple facilities. Up to 80% of admin work can be automated, leaving your staff free to concentrate on customer service and generating new business.
  6. Paperless system – All documents, whether created by the system or scanned in, are stored centrally with no need for paper files, filing cabinets and photocopies. Emails, text messages and voice recordings are also stored. Any documents produced can be emailed out to clients or sent internally whenever you need to.
  7. Standard documents, (including emails, PDF attachments and text messages can be produced by the system from templates. These can be as simple or complex as you need. Tailor made Excel reports and graphs can also be generated from the system saving even more time.
  8. Automated work flow - For different types of loans,facilities or customer accounts. Events could also generate extra tasks automatically based on certain events, so that your staff never miss any tasks. When staff members are absent someone else can take over and see these tasks easily and quickly. Departments, branches or staff members can be alerted via automatic chase up emails so that no application is ever forgotten.
  9. Faster data entry and improved accuracy - Using panels and auto generation systems like postcode to address systems or bank details verification from sort code and account numbers. Documents and policy schedules can be generated directly from the customers existing details, avoiding the need to re-input data.

Environment, cost reductions and Savings :

  1. Paperless office - Clients using Impact Banking no longer need paper files, or document scanning systems as these are built into the system. Documents that get generated are merged with templates that end users does not have to change unless a client wants this. These documents can be sent via email with pdf attachments or to the printer. We can even put barcodes onto printed documents which are folded automatically into envelopes and printed with the correct postage. This saves our clients time and money in not having staff photocopy documents, negating the need for filing cabinets in which clients can misplace documents. Impact can also reduce printing and paper requirements as many documents can be sent electronically via the inbuilt email system.
  2. Up to 80% reduction in policy administration requirements through innovation and automation. Clients can distinguish themselves from the competition by automating the jobs that should be automated, leaving time for additional development such as better customer service.
  3. Document and case history log - Everything sent out or received is stored on the system. Documents are date stamped, searchable, and can be marked to track amendments.