ATMA Fixed Asset

Fixed asset is a property of a business that is used for production of goods and services. It is classified as intangible, tangible, and investment. Intangible fixed assets are non-physical properties such as a patent, copyright, and goodwill. Tangible assets include plant, equipment, land and building. Accounting for fixed assets involves costs, useful life, residual value, depreciation and amortization.

ATMA Fixed Assets gives you flexibility in managing assets and is quick and simple to use. In just an instant, you can customize the way asset data is organized to meet all your asset management needs. It simplifies the process of adding, changing, and disposing assets with a logical file-folder format, intuitive interface, and customizable asset tracking and sorting options.

ATMA Fixed Assets features

  1. Comprehensive Fixed Asset Management Software
  2. Acquire Assets with different purchase options (Lease, Rent, Loan)
  3. Tag and Track Assets using Barcode
  4. Transfer Assets between Departments and Locations
  5. Depreciate based on CA and IT Act
  6. Integrated with Maintenance Module to manage asset maintenance
  7. Decommission usage of assets
  8. Sale or Scrap assets
  9. Accounting entries can be generated