ATMA Hospitals/Clinics

ATMA HMS is a comprehensive Hospital Management System created by a team of Doctors and Engineers to provide affordable software solutions to Hospitals and Clinics. It enables organizations to optimally manage finance and resources with appropriate controls. ATMA automates much of your hospital operations making hospital management efficient and effective. It integrates all functions of the enterprise brining in seamless information flow between various departments within the organization. Multiple check points exist in the system for effective management control. It supports multiple locations and multiple companies. The software's open architecture enables integration with third party software easy.

Key benefits of organizations derive from implementing ATMA HMS

1. Efficient Patient management : The entry of the patient, services requested / provided, accurate billing and patient exit are tracked. Information is in the fingertips of the Front Desk staff to assist the patient. Overall, it provides a very pleasant experience to the Patient.

2. Electronic Medical Records : Store medical records electronically to retrieve and analyze data at any point. Specialty wise EMRs enable information to be captured systematically and in a structured manner enabling analysis for research purposes.

3. Effective Distribution of work : Every Department or Service area uses the application to capture data and view information. This reduces the workload on the Front Desk and Billing Staff.

4. Seamless integration : Every module in the application is integrated minimizing the need for paper based communication. Relevant information is available to Department staff.

5. Controlled Access Management (Security) : Every user is provided with a unique user name and password. User has access only to modules and screens for which access has been provided. This brings increased levels of accountability on the employee.

6. Prevention of Revenue Leaks : Charges are raised before or at the time of providing the service. Every staff providing service has the information to verify the charge before providing the service to the patient.

7. Ease of use : User Interface is designed in a manner which requires minimum mouse moves or key strokes thus improving employee productivity.

8. Customized for your Organization : ATMA provides a general framework of all activities and workflows in a hospital which can be customized to meet the needs of your hospital.

9. Multi-Location Support : Single installation of ATMA can support all your hospital locations. This enables the management to monitor the activities in each location. In addition, it also makes it easy to provide technical support.

10. Extensive Reports : More than 150 reports available across various modules. These include transactional, analytical and exception reports which will help in effective management.