Mobility Services

ATMA Health care solution mobilizes the entire health care practice from its existing Hospital MIS to efficient mobile interfaces. The solution enables the hospitals and vendors communicate and send across critical patient information to doctors and patients. It helps healthcare professionals review and access patient's medical records, consult drug formulations, update diagnosis and billing information of different patients and synchronize all the data with the hospital’s IT systems, without the need of wired connections. We provide a scalable and secure mobility platform that addresses the complex needs of a healthcare organization through secure email/messaging and mobile device management. It mobilizes the logistics, health record management, patient information management, physician records, billing records hence enabling the hospital staff to capture and access information while on the move without delaying any decision and action pending.

Solution Snapshot

  1. Mobile Disease Management & Monitoring applications.
  2. Hospital real time performance monitoring system.
  3. Patient information management system.
  4. Email & transmission of contacts and tasks data to mobile workers anytime

Solution Features

  1. Portable, secure & scalable.
  2. Rapid mobile enablement.
  3. Similar User Experience across multiple channels.
  4. Faster mobilization of existing IT infrastructure.